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April 24, 2019

Your Quantum Touch session turned me around last night. Thanks ever so much!
I’m feeling I could use another one, can you come by this morning for another one?
Love and great appreciation for what you do!! ~ Teri Murry


After experiencing Quantum Touch Energy Healing, I am still feeling very relaxed, peaceful and tranquil...I even feel like I've had a whole body massage 🙂 ~ Laura

Hi Cherie, I am feeling very warm and comfortable within myself after the Quantum Touch distance healing session. Thank you. ~ P.P.

I had quite a lot of improvement, I would like to book another session. ~Jessica

Hi Cherie, thanks for the Quantum Touch distance healing session. I was surprised by how strong it was - i felt sensations deeper inside my nose as well as on the surface. Would you be free this thurs 8pm my time again for an hrs session please? Best wishes ~Katherine

Hi Cherie! Thank you so much for yesterday. It was amazing how the pain went away, you have a real gift. I do think you are undervaluing your services financially however! I would like to report I feel better. ~ J. S.

Healing back pain, children and animals!

My experience with Quantum Touch Healing has been miraculous. I had been suffering from chronic pain in my back due to a motorcycle accident that happened 20 years ago. I attended the Quantum Touch Workshop with Cherie Ann Day and was miraculously the pain disappeared. I loved the course, the company and the vegetarian food was delicious. I have used what I learnt on many occasions and I have seen miracles happen over and over. There is no doubt in my mind that Quantum Touch works and I am living proof. I once did Quantum Touch Healing on a neighbors dog who had collapsed and was completely paralyzed  he had fallen off his couch and injured his spine, so I did the technique I had learnt at Cherie Ann’s and also used my own intuition as to where the injury was and by the time the dog arrived at the veterinarians he had completely recovered. I also use Quantum Touch Healing on my children for falls, scratches, bruises, fever, viruses, growing pains, headaches, toothaches etc. The children respond very quickly and positively to the healing energy and we have had much fewer visits to the doctors. This is a real blessing for a busy mom and the children are happier and healthier. – Jennifer

Broken Bones, Pain & Scaring 

On Mothers Day 2011, I had a Rollerblading accident where I broke both my wrists and had some severe road rash along the bottom of my back. After one Quantum Touch session the pain in my broken wrist decreased by half and the next day after the second Quantum Touch session all the scabs fell off my back and a few days later my back was healed up with no scaring! After the third Quantum Touch session I went back to the doctors and was told I only needed a cast for one wrist. I was so happy as I could continue to work and take care of myself now.- Taya