Bio-mat Testimonials

Bio-Mat Testimonials, Experiences and Results:

Neuropathy and Edema

I love my Amethyst Bio-Mat. I sleep on it all night.

One hour at top red and then the rest of the night at one yellow. It has made HUGE changes in my health. I have VERY PAINFUL neuropathy and it is now barely noticeable. I also had extremely bad edema in my feet and ankles. Even with elevating them all night they would still be swollen every morning and would just get worse every day. Now – I wake up with my bones sticking out – like every other person. By the end of the day I may have some swelling but nothing like it used to be. I also have both hips replaced and a triple back fusion. The BioMat makes a HUGE difference in my pain level – Pain free. LOVE IT.

~ Poppy L.. ~ Keswick, VA

Edema and Kidney

My experience with the BioMat has been life altering.  I was having health challenges – edema and kidney problems.  I was on a water pill called Aldectone with numerous dangerous side effects.  Within a month of using the BioMat, I weaned myself off of the medication and have not had any symptoms of edema again.  My body has corrected this imbalance via far infrared and negative ions.  I feel blessed for having found the BioMat and getting off of a dangerous pharmaceutical drug.

~ Lisa Barone, Sarasota, FL

 Knee Problems

“According to orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jaffe my right knee was the condition of an 80-year old with severe arthritis. 23 years post triple knee reconstruction surgery, I was facing the possibility of a fourth operation. After 2 weeks daily on the BioMat, my pain disappeared by 95%, avoiding a total knee replacement operation.”

~Gail Soucy, 50, Gainesville, FL

Thoracic Spine

“For many years chiropractors have not been able to adjust my thoracic spine by their usual means. My thoracic spine was ‘frozen’. After three months of daily use of the BioMat I went to the chiropractor who easily mad three adjustments to my thoracic spine. This is a miracle in my mind.”

~ Emily Black

Back pain, Insomnia, Sinus

I’ve been suffering from numerous ailments for many years. Some of my problems were sleeping and insomnia, sinus, tonsillitis, leg cramps, arthritis (especially a swollen right knee), and hair thinning. I was worried of going bald! Sometimes daily, I would suffer with severe headaches, coughing and right shoulder pain. Numerous times I visited specialty doctors and massage therapists. I ended up spending a lot of time and money, and I never got better.

One day in June, my friend Ben introduced me to RichWay International. He explained to me about the Bio-Mat and asked me to try it. After I laid down for about 30 minutes, my back pain was relieved. I have been using the Bio-Mat for one good month now and all of my symptoms are alleviated. I have good sleep and my sinus problems are gone. My blood pressure is normal and my hair has stopped falling out also.

I appreciate very much for using the Bio-Mat. I would like to help others to use the fantastic Bio-Mat.”

~ Mila J.    Chicago, IL


I am sleeping on my mini mat every night for a month and my psoriasis is greatly improved.     

– Peggy, Ontario


Over the past 6 months I have experienced for myself the power of the biomat to detoxify the body. As the core heats up {this is called hyperthermia} it has released deep toxins locked in the tissue that I accumulated over the last four years of working with petrol chemicals used in restoring  an old wooden boat I could literally smell these chemicals coming out of the pores of my skin. One must be aware a key factor in the elimination of toxins from the body is the power of this technology to assist the body with the alkalizing of the inner terrain. As a side benefit I have experienced deep relaxation and increased vitality!

~ James F. BC 

 Hand Pain and Joint Stiffness 

I had a stiff hand. For 6 months the bones were stiff and would not open up – two chiropractors tried unsuccessfully to fix it.  Two Biomat sessions succeeded and gave me  full range of motion once again – no more soreness! Previously I couldn’t put any weight on it without pain. 

~ Taina K. Victoria, BC Canada

Body Pain and COPD

“Until I first tried the BioMat in November, 2005, I relied on physical therapy and analgesics to control the pain I endured from multiple injuries I suffered over 25 years as an Ironworker. I was unable to move my head from side to side without turning my upper body. Every joint in my body ached.

My sister had given me the BioMat and Alkal-life Water unit to use in September, 2005, but I was skeptical. She finally convinced me to try the mat for my pain for a week and report to her. Each day I seemed to be getting better. I started slow and easy, as she recommended and at the end of the week I was doing an hour daily on the red setting. After a few days of this, I noticed that every injury I had suffered while working iron surfaced, then gradually disappeared.

I also suffer from COPD and use oxygen tanks daily. The BioMat seemed to help my breathing.

After the first week, I decided to hook up the Alkal-life water unit. I began with an 8.5 ph. Instantly, I felt my brain clear. I guess I was getting more oxygen. I have been using the BioMat a few times a week and drinking alkaline water daily. I am now pain free (I no longer need physical therapy and analgesics). I have more energy. I still require oxygen occasionally when I over exert myself.

I used to feel “disabled” and useless. My life is now fuller than I imagined it could ever be at my age. The BioMat and Alkal-life Water System have greatly improved my life.”  

– T. Traversie of Ridgeview, SD

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

My friend Ariel’s mother who is in her late seventies has gone through a transformation since using her Amethyst BioMat and drinking the Alka Life Water. Not only does she look very different but her medical results are showing dramatic changes for the better. She has been on medication for 5+ years for diabetes and high blood pressure. After 3 months, she has been able to reduce her diabetes medication from four pills daily to 1 pill and her blood pressure is now completely normal so she is off that medication. Her legs which had been swollen like tree trunks for the past eight years have returned to their normal size. She has reduced her weight by 15 lbs without changing her diet. Her Naturopathic Dr was so impressed by the results and the scientific research about far infrared and negative ion therapy that he has decided to become a distributor and introduce the products to colleagues in Germany.

~ K. Neah Victoria, BC Canada



I have found that by using the Amethyst Professional Bio Mat in my sessions with clients that the treatments are far more efficient and deeper states of receptivity to the treatments are experienced by my clients.

~ Garnet Watson, DTCM. RAC. Hyperbaric Oxygen Centre for Health, Victoria, B.C.

Shiatsu and Acupuncture

“The Amethyst Professional Bio Mat is truly a marvel, & an answer to my prayers for assistance in healing others & myself. One of the branches of Asian medicine I use, Zen Shiatsu, was unsurpassed in my practice until adding the Biomat to my healing tools. Now a dimension of treatment that goes even deeper & holds longer, with the additional modality of the Biomat, is being experienced. From my observations this is also true with acupuncture treatments performed on the Biomat – the experience is just incomparable! And, since these deep states of relaxation leading to healing are attainable with the Biomat alone, this can mean that often less (if any other) intervention is required, thus more freedom to focus on only the treatments that are most needed. I love this minimalist, less-is-more way of working & the Biomat makes it so much easier & more effective.”

~ Janus Lee L. Ac., BA, MS Oriental Medicine, CP Zen Shiatsu  ~ Austin, TX


It is amazing to notice that once my clients have finished the pre session talk about the changes they would like to make and then they lye on the mat, the healing process is almost immediately complete They go into such a deep relaxed state within 5 minutes it is easy for them to access the subconscious mind something that used to take up to 20 min. in a session. It is like lying in Heaven, as the Amethyst moves the energy up through the higher chakras putting them into the Delta healing state. Jenn uses it with all her massage treatments and I use it with my hypnotherapy clients. Personally, I love the mat as much, if not more than the day you first brought it here

~ Bev Miller, Counselor, Hypnotherapist,, Yoga Instructor, Victoria, BC Canada


“I have been using the Mini-BioMat when I practice Restorative Yoga Postures in a reclining position – ie., Supta Baddha Konasana, Legs Up the Wall & Savasana; also, I am finding it to be useful for Pelvic Tilts, gentle Bridge, even Shoulderstand & Plough. Sometimes, I turn over onto my belly as it is cooling down & I am finding it to be very soothing – especially for Manipura Chakra.

Often, I sit on the mat & meditate & chant after Relaxation. It seems that the chants vibrate more clearly through me when I sit on the BioMat. Sometimes, I just use it plain & simple – for healing & relaxation. Thank you so much.”

– Ginny Williamson, Lithe & Easy Yoga ~ Port Charlotte, FL 


Hi I am Joyce Carrington, LMT my experience with the Biomat was to get a free session on the mat at a massage therapist’s office.  I immediately felt the tingling in my right elbow where I had been suffering with tendonitis for the past few years and the deep sense of relaxation.  When I got up all the pain in my elbow was gone.  I then went to a client’s home to perform a massage and she commented that my hands were very hot, confirming that the treatment was continuing.  I have been relieved of pain since receiving my mat and have placed them with several clients who have been helped with their complaints as well.