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Understanding Distance Healing

Understanding Distance healing

Understanding distance healing and how it works on the subatomic level requires a little knowledge of metaphysics and how energy works in the universe. Science has proven that everything is energy this includes our thoughts and emotions, Through intent and raising our vibration with specific body awareness and breathing techniques we can affect matter anywhere in the world. We just need to know what the issue is, who is having the issue and where it is and with whom. We can send distance healing to people, places and events, past present and future. There is only one moment of now in the quantum world. When we do something with love, it is done with a high vibration, the deeper the love, the higher the vibration. Our love, our vibration affects matter.

In understanding distant healing, it’s important to note all 3 levels or aspects need to be worked on mental, emotional and physical. It is also important to understand that each of these 3 aspects are connected and they all deal with energy. The receiver needs to be open enough and willing enough to do the work and make the necessary changes no matter which level or levels the issue lies. Sometimes we are able to alleviate an issue physically but we haven’t yet done the underlying work to support us mentally or emotionally then there’s a good chance the issue will return or find another outlet that will let us know we still have more work to do. We need to dig deeper to find the thought pattern, habit or belief that creates the physical manifestation. The same goes, if we’re not getting the results we want, there is an area that we may not be looking at or focusing on. Maybe we are not getting optimal sleep or nutrition. Maybe we haven’t found the best feeling or mental state to manifest our desire.

When working with our self and our own healing it can be a good idea to ask ourselves where does this issue stem from? Then wait to see if an answer pops into our mind. Is it an emotional issue? Is this an environmental issue? Is this a physical issue? When working with others the sender, healer or as I like to call all energetic helpers, the meta-physician uses the same faculties of mental, emotional and physical to facilitation and complete the healing. We see in our minds eye and imagination the issue resolved (mental). We feel the feelings, of gratitude, peace, Joy and relief that the issue is resolved (emotional) and we do body awareness and breathing techniques to raise our vibration and we speak the word that the issue is resolved (physical) “And so it is” Another aspect of the physical is what we can do to support the body in healing? Perhaps there is something in our lifestyle or environment we need to change. Most physical changes are first conceived of in the mind and propelled into reality by our emotion and followed through with action.

Understanding distance healing and energy healing in general, beyond what is previously discussed we need to learn how to be in our heart space and see with love. The more open we are to love the more in harmony we will be with each other and all of life. Not only can we heal ourselves and others, we can also heal the planet. This is what the Make Love for Peace Project is about. To find out more check out

Understanding Distance Healing

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4 ways to prevent and even reverse Alzheimer’s

4 ways you can prevent and even reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s

1. Reduce your exposure to heavy metals. Things like aluminum cooking devices, aluminum foil, and some antiperspirants and deodorants contain this toxic ingredient. Heavy metals have been linked to Alzheimer’s. Other heavy metals such as mercury and lead are also found in tobacco smoke and exhaust fumes. If you are a smoker then this another thing you have direct control over. There are many smoking cessation programs available, find one that will work for you. Consider removing mercury fillings and choosing other types of amalgams. Floride is another toxin that increases your exposure to Aluminum as allows it to be carried to the brain through the blood-brain barrier.

2. Increase your essential fatty acids and minerals. Things like coconut oil, lecithin, avocado, hemp seeds and oil, as well as fish, are great nutrition to feed your brain. Your diet can play a big part in nourishing you for optimal brain function and memory issues that are associated with Alzheimer’s. Supplement with whole food supplements to replenish your minerals. Having an adequate amount of macronutrients and trace elements can help with brain function.

3. Medicinal herbs like Horsetail is an effective remover of aluminum which is one of the worst heavy metals in relation to Alzheimer’s. You can use it powdered as tea and in capsules. As well as other supporting herbs that can reduce the effects of heavy metal exposure like alfalfa and cilantro. Look for ways to include these into a healthy diet.

4. Heavy metal detoxification with far infrared therapy can help you sweat out the heavy metals. Thermal heat and the infrared rays penetrate at a deep level so the toxins can be released. There has been a lot of research done on far infrared therapy as detoxification from all the toxins we are exposed to. It has been shown that detoxification helps us to heal from many other diseases as well as reducing the effects of Alzheimer’s. Chelation therapy is another way to remove heavy metals from your body.

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7 Reasons to be a Network Marketer

Top 7 Reasons to be a Network Marketer

Break free and make a plan to Escape the Rat Race today. There are so many wonderful ways to do it. If you feel like you’re suffocating in the workplace it’s time to go to Plan B. You can be there for your family and work your schedule around their needs. It might be young children (even teens need you now and again), elderly parents or perhaps you have pets.

2. Being Your Own Boss.
The gratification of knowing that you are working hard for your self, not your boss is hard to beat. This is a huge factor in the decision to break free. Many single people don’t need to worry about fitting their schedule round family life but they have other requirements such as wanting to be able to make their own decisions like a grown up. It can often feel like you are a still at school when you need to keep notifying someone else about what you are doing with your time. Being your own boss has its ups and downs but if you’re ready to take responsibility for your own future success then I highly recommend it. You must be self motivated and success minded or you may find yourself becoming a daytime TV watching or cleaning professional…

3. Work From Home, Not Just At Home
The working at home element is fabulous, and the home-based element means you are allowed to go out and have fun doing your business! My idea of working out of the home these days is attending networking events on subjects of my choice to widen my circle of contacts. If I’m doing some ‘real’ work I may attend a home business reception for one of my new team members where I sit down and watch a DVD! (Hard labour I think not!)

4. Independent But Not Alone
These days there are so many opportunities to partner with amazing companies with proven business systems, which enable one to be independent and flexible, but to have the training and support to avoid feeling isolated. Let’s also not forget the potential to earn unlimited income with many of these opportunities!

5. Free Of Overheads And No Need To Hold Stock.
This is an incredible benefit when you think how traditional businesses operate. Most new business owners need to be willing to go straight into heavy debt, hold stock, pay staff, premises costs and of course have accounts receivable to keep them up at night biting their nails.

6. Internet Marketing.
The possibilities are endless with the internet and the leveraging of time. I have a mobile paper-free office and can do my business from anywhere. There are so many amazing new communication tools these days – just remember to turn the video camera off when you are working in your pyjamas or having a bad hair day! You can have an international business reaching to almost any corner of the globe. Imagine the possibilities of having a business that operates in different time zones and earns you money while you sleep.

7. Holidays!
Last but just as important! You can book your own holidays when it is best for you. You can run your own ‘flex-time’ and work around the sunshine (so you can go to the beach!) Many companies have programs where you can earn free trips! Plus there are conventions, which are business write offs.

If you are ready there are many great Multi-level-marketing (MLM’s) or Network Marketing Companies that you can start part time. This way you have a chance to build up your income before leaving your job. Many Network Marketing companies have great “on the job training” programs, so you are in business for yourself, but not by your self. If you are looking for an opportunity to be yor own boss with a minimal start up of under $500.00 then check out

Find Your Why in Network Marketing

To be Successful in Network Marketing you Have to Find your Why!

Successful network marketing companies are the ones that are people and relationship-driven, no matter how inferior it’s products or services and no matter how poorly managed.

The biggest successes in Network Marketing are people-and-relationship-driven companies with good products or services and good management. Bottom line? Get a good product or service to sell. Then focus on helping other people reach their dreams, that is your top priority.

Network marketing is not a sales business. It is certainly not a thinking business. It is a listening business. It is a teaching and mentoring business.

If you want a lifetime of luck and success in your network marketing business, you need to create relationships with people. To do that, you need to study people and understand them. Find out how you can help others reach their dreams, THEIR dreams, not your dreams. You must truly desire to help others. You can not fake it. You either have it or you do not. People know. Truly caring about others breaks down barriers. As Zig Ziglar said, – You can have everything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want. –

If they do not have their – WHY -, you will have to help them find it. It must be specific. Their – WHY – is a big, big, big reason that will keep them going. Where is your fire? What do you love? What do you hate? What is really important to you? What do you really want? What situation in life do you want to get out of so it never ever happens again? It is not goals. It is not money, either.

Your real – WHY – is never money. It is about who you really are. Your driving factor must be way more than money. It is something you want … or something you want to get away from. Better yet, both. If your – WHY – is a 70% and you come up against an obstacle that is a 72%, you are gone. You will drop out, disappear. But when your – WHY – is a 99.9%, then you are here to stay and be successful. Strengthen your – WHY!

Constantly keep on learning and develop your self to be able to pass on your knowledge to others. And find a mentor. Be a mentor. You must have a mentor to be a mentor. It is the simple and organic way of building a successful MLM business.

Your network organization, if you build it right, if you treat it right, will last forever. There are a thousand ways to build a network marketing business. But there is only one way to build your business for life-long success, and that is to build relationships.

People join people, they do not join companies.

If you are ready to have a mentor and be a mentor, explore your options. There are many great Multi-level-marketing (MLM’s) or Network Marketing Companies that you can start part time. This way you have a chance to build up your income before leaving your job. Many Network Marketing companies have great “on the job training” programs, so you are in business for yourself, but not by your self. If you are looking for an opportunity to be yor own boss with a minimal start up of under $500.00 then check out I would love to work with you.

10 Great Reasons to Work from Home

Let’s explore some reasons and benefits of working from home.

1—With the ever-rising costs of fuel, your commute can add up – in dollars and in time. Working from home decreases your gasoline costs as well as wear & tear on your vehicle. Assuming a minimum commute of 30 minutes per day, that saves you eleven hours per month, or 132 hours per year. Not to mention the added benefit to the environment. Plus, there are no traffic jams on the way to work, and you don’t have to listen to early morning radio jocks unless you choose to.

2—With a computer, the internet and a phone, you’re almost as connected from your house as you are from any office. There is significant growth in small business ownership. Working from home cuts down the overhead and has tax advantages.

3—Decreased clothing costs. You really can get away with one good outfit of your choice and a few separates since you’ll only be “dressing up” for meetings. The typical work from home outfit: sweats (shorts in summer) and a t-shirt. The beauty of this uniform – it’s easy to care for (wash, dry & wear) and works equally well for gardening, walking, boxing up your online auction orders, and writing the great American novel. A week’s worth of work from home outfits at any good discount store: $60.

4—Increased productivity. There are no co-workers dropping by to lament their dating, dieting or drinking dilemmas. Of course, you must refrain from e-socializing, but it’s easier to ignore an email than it is to dodge a whiny office-mate on day 2 of Atkins or the office party dude who wants to rehash his weekend. Plus, there are fewer dumb meetings where everybody’s late or unprepared and nothing gets accomplished. With online meetings, email and the phone, you may find you don’t need meetings at all.

5—Childcare issues are easier. Depending on the age of your children and the nature of your work, you may still need a babysitter, but probably not full-time.

6—Leftovers make great, easy lunches. No need for brown bags, just heat & eat. You save money and even if you’re not a great cook, it’s usually better than fast food or snack machine offerings. If you usually go out for lunch at work and spend just $10, that’s $50 a week saved.

7—You are in control of your environment! You can set the heat/air temperature to your liking. You can choose non-toxic cleaning supplies, music & office décor.

8—You can be productive during work breaks—throwing in a load of laundry, unloading the dishwasher, watering the garden. Of course, you have to avoid the impulse to clean and cook and wander around the house aimlessly, but usually after week one, you learn to separate work duties from home duties pretty easily.

9—Drinks don’t cost $2.25 each. Your refrigerator never takes your money or gives you pop when you wanted juice. Coffee does not require making a choice between $4 a cup, or “free-but-tastes-like-mud”.

10—Freedom, to set your own hours and work when you want to work. You can work when you are most energetic, whether that’s 10 am or 10 pm. You can take off to run errands or go see your kid’s school play. It becomes about your productivity, not about your “face-time” in the office.

So, are there any cons to working from home? Of course. Some people are not self-motivating and just cannot do it. Some people need much more socialization than working from home allows. Some people don’t have the space or equipment to create a work area in their homes. It all depends on the circumstances.

If you long to work from home, explore your options. If your current situation doesn’t allow for working at home, there are many great Multi-level-marketing (MLM’s) or Network Marketing Companies that you can start part-time. This way you have time to build up your income before leaving your job. Many Network Marketing companies have great “on the job training” programs, so you are in business for yourself, but not by your self. If you are looking for an opportunity to be your own boss with a minimal start-up of under $500.00 then check out