Manifesting Magic

A guide to creating better health, wealth & happiness in your life using the Law of Attraction.

Join me in this fun and interactive journey that explains the Law of Attraction and how it works.  Learn how to use the Law of Attraction to consciously, create & control the direction of your life!


Coaching Course OutlineThe Law of Attraction

∞ The Science behind it
∞ How the brain works
∞ Personal Law of Attraction Examples
∞ Manifestation Techniques & Tools
∞ Finding & Focusing on Desires
∞ Reframing our Thinking
∞ Wording & Phrasing guidelines
∞ Suggested Readings

Courses are on going – They are a minimum of 4 hours and can be done via conference call, skype or in person. They will be done in 2 sessions. Please call Call Toll free 866-836-3969 or 416-283-4747 Local North America to request your times.

Please contact me for workshop and private scheduling options. 647-933-4979 Direct Line