Quantum Touch Level 1 Workshop Testimonials,

 Workshop Testimonials – Quantum Touch Level 1,  by some of Cherie’s Students,

” I took a Quantum Touch class with Cherie Ann Day in the spring of 2018.

Although I was a repeat student and I knew the basics of Quantum  Touch the way Cherie lead the class exceeded my expectations. Her warm personality and clear communication skills made and the entire experience amazing. All the questions asked were answered and we all got the education needed to start practicing Quantum Touch right away.

I urge anyone interested in energy work, take the step and try this one weekend class out. The price is reasonable and besides the knowledge one would also receive a few good hours of energy work which is quite powerful. I had a rotated hip and a tight neck for years. After this class my hip came back to center and my neck released. Energy-work works despite what most of us were taught to believe .

~ Adrian Matu

Quantum Touch practitioner,

Thai Yoga massage practitioner,

Somatics enthusiast.

I am so grateful that I took the Quantum Touch course with Cherie.  She is an awesome teacher!  It was an absolute pleasure learning from her.  Lunch was fabulous!  The people were amazing!  I definitely recommend taking this workshop to everyone.

Thanks again Cherie! ~ Melissa

I would like to highly recommend taking the Quantum Touch Level 1 course with Cherie Ann Day. She is conscious and aware, kind, caring and a well-experienced practitioner of QT. Her explanations and examples were easy to understand. I truly connected to ‘the energy’ we all have, by taking the course with Cherie.

~ Georgina Remmick Toronto, ON – Nov. 2016

Workshop Testimonials - Georgina

Cherie Ann was very kind, caring and understanding instructor. She was very knowledgeable and shared her experiences with the group in a loving and compassionate way.

~ Wilma England Toronto, ON

Workshop Testimonials - Wilma

Cherie Ann is a very genuine and heart-warming person, who is passionate about sharing her QT knowledge with like-minded people.

~ Anna Man Yee Li Toronto, ON – Nov. 2016

Workshop Testimonials - Anna

Thank you Cherie. I am feeling the love! It was a pleasure meeting you. Such a great experience. Looking forward to more quantum touch experiences. Let’s keep in touch.
~ Jenny xo

Workshop Testimonials - Jennifer


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Cherie provided a kind, safe, non-judgmental and personal place to learn. I didn’t expect to experience so much receiving and giving of healing energy, being more of evidence based person and not a believer. Now, I have the evidence I need for myself. I really appreciated the community of sharing a lovingly prepared lunch. Cherie Ann is very down to earth and inclusive. ~ Ida Køhler Falkanger

I really enjoyed Cherie Ann Day as a facilitator.  She put a lot of energy into her presentation so that the mental learning was clear and simple. This then allowed the experiential aspect to be rich and nourishing.  There was lots of love, and very importantly lots of fun. Thank you Cherie Ann,

With Love, Eileen

Thanks Cherie! I had a blast and learned a lot. I thought the practical hands on was well used in teaching. I thought you were very flexible in your ability to switch around your planning in order to meet the needs of the class and their learning styles. Great Power Point Presentation! Taking your class has inspired me to continue learning energy work. Mercie Beaucoup!

~ Serge Lanoue

Thank you Cherie for the Quantum Touch certification and presentation.  It was an awesome weekend! Lots of time for practice sessions and great energy received. I was thankful for the food provided. I learned a lot. It was the right amount of time. You did a nice job and it was nice to get to know you. Much love

~ Diane Hartwick

I found the presentation was very good and informative. The class was easy to follow. I was impressed and will continue to tell others about you if they want to take Quantum Touch Level 1. Cherie, I would like to thank you again for introducing me to this amazing healing energy. Thanks for sharing your presentation it is such a great resource as well as the intake/ consent form you created. It was a joy to spend the weekend at the Quantum Touch Level 1 Workshop with you. Thanks a bunch, in Love & Light

~ Shirlee Shoebottom

The lunches are a delight. It is such an honour to watch you grow in your light, with all you do and share. You have so much to offer. Your brilliance shines through and the feeling I have during the group sessions is powerful. Thank you for all the additional support allowing my longings to continue to bloom. You are precious nothing less. It is an honour to be in your home and healing centre.

~ Love Joseph

I liked that the class moved along at a good pace. The power point was good and it made it easy to follow. The class size was small and intimate and met my expectations. I enjoyed receiving energy during the practice sessions. The food was good. The space was nice and I like the big screen. I liked that you added support info regarding metaphysics, include Dr. Emoto’s work.

~ Robert Gallop